berkeley identity


In 1938 the Regents invited renowned type designer Frederic W. Goudy to design a unique font for the University of California. The typeface Goudy crafted was called University Old Style. That type font was redrawn and digitized as UC Berkeley Old Style in 1994 by designer Richard Beatty. This font is now the exclusive typeface for the University of California, Berkeley. Using it gives a recognizable look to all communication materials.

This classic and highly legible serif font is flexible enough to work across all media. UC Berkeley Old Style is preferred for body copy and may also be used for headlines, especially in materials requiring an elegant, classical tone. Whenever possible, type should be set without hyphenation.

The digital version of UC Berkeley Old Style is available from Downloads. Please note that this typeface is not to be confused with Berkeley Oldstyle which is a different font.

Complementary sans serif fonts that work well with University Old Style are Futura, Univers, and Gill Sans. These fonts also work across all media. These fonts are covered by copyright and can not be distributed electronically.