berkeley identity

University Seal

Two versions of the seal are available. They are:

University seal — A replica of the original corporate seal designed in 1895 by Tiffany & Co., but with the words “Seal of” deleted. Use the University seal on letterhead and business cards. It may be used for any official University or campus purpose, but should be accompanied with a version of the “Berkeley signature” to reinforce its identity with the Berkeley campus.

The University seal is available in formats for print, web and presentations from Downloads.

Berkeley seal — A version of the University seal that includes “Berkeley” in the ribbon was designed in 1996 in agreement with system-wide policy. It cannot be used on letterhead and business cards. It may be used for official Berkeley campus purposes and for marketing and promotional purposes. It is a registered trademark and should be accompanied by the trademark notice, ®, for commercial use.

Usage of the Berkeley Seal is detailed in the Policy on the Use of the University Name, Seals, and Trademarks from the Office of Marketing & Business Outreach.